Media Analysis #1: Has Supernatural Gone on For too Long?

Supernatural, a show about two brothers who fight supernatural evil, was meant to end at its fifth season but it is now in episode 4 of its twelfth season. Its has had its number of highs and lows. For some fans, watching the show has even become exhausting due to a number of things like varying writers throughout the years, which leads to gaps in the stories and exaggerated arcs, lack of strong female and diverse characters, lack of character depth or growth, and so on. Misha Collins, prominent actor in the show has even brought it to attention, seen here.

Maureen Ryan in this Huffington Post article titled 10 Reasons It’s Still Worth Watching Supernatural After 200 Episodes, ironically states: “Supernatural just didn’t feel like itself. The tonal balance was gone, resulting in episodes that were neither funny nor scary, but simply warbled between the two states…The Winchesters were barely even recognizable, reduced to sullen caricatures of themselves.”

In Peak TV and The Problem with Our Addiction to More, Steven Hyden brings to attention this problem with ‘our addiction to more’ and our disregard for quality. “I’m not the first person to notice that the ‘Too much TV’ era has resulted in …episodes that feel longer than they should be…’Gigantism equals excellence’ type thinking infects media from time to time..”

In the case of Supernatural,  despite fans criticism and disappointments with a number of episodes and such, they wanted more and more hoping Supernatural would be righted and, under Jeremy Carver, it seemed to be, the show seemed to be revived. And because fans keep the community, the discussions, and relevance of Supernatural alive – it continues to trudge on. (X)In fact, the writer and actors of the show have stated plenty of times that if it were not for the fans the show would have ended a long time ago. Now, they even joke about continuing the show until they’re old and/or until their own children could take over.

It is also a case of familiarity. Ryan justifies the continuation of watching Supernatural by stating this: “Television now, exists in a state of almost constant flux, devouring dozens of new shows each year, and all the while the Winchesters continue on their merry way…Television is in such a near constant state of flux, it’s comforting to know that the Brothers Winchester are still puttering around in that Impala, the stereo blasting classic rock and the trunk clinking with its load of bullets and blades.”

The show, Supernatural seems to have no end in sight now because the writers have found that, to an extent, the quality of the content doesn’t matter too much, and as long as they are providing something and more, to the fans who want morethe show is bound to last.

As Hayden ponders: “Is our golden age transitioning to a down period of over-abundant content that’s long on pretension and bloat and short on entertainment value and relevance? Has the feast devolved into mindless gorging?”

3 thoughts on “Media Analysis #1: Has Supernatural Gone on For too Long?

  1. bboessen says:

    This is an excellent draft, with something meaningful to say about the nature of television viewing today, and a solid example to support that idea. But it is fairly rough around the edges, for the following reasons. First, TV show titles should either be italicized (my preference) or enclosed in quotation marks (also fine). Second, there are several places where the “t” has been left of the beginnings of words: ‘that”; “this”; etc. Third, the end of the first paragraph indicates a link or image or something the reader should look at, but it’s not clear to what it refers. Fourth, in the third paragraph, there is some inconsistent use of quotation marks in the quotation: inside, they should be apostrophes; only the outer two should be full quotation marks. Fifth, in the fourth paragraph, there are two claims about fans that could really use a link or two as supporting evidence.

    These are really all little things, but they stack up in this draft. Keep working on this.


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